A comprehensive look at my service offerings:

One 60 minute initial consultation to address any specific nutritional questions/concerns, or discuss goals and develop a plan, or guide on how to begin healthy eating. Book this initial consultation to learn more.

One 60 minute initial assessment consultation to discuss goals and provide a personalized plan for diet, activity and lifestyle. Followed by three 30 minute weekly check-in sessions with unlimited messaging and support via Healthie App in between sessions. Designed to provide education or to achieve short term goals and make small changes to diet and behavior habits.

One 60 minute consultation, followed by eleven 30 minute weekly sessions for 3 months.  Unlimited messaging and support in between sessions via Healthie App.  Best for establishing healthy habits and weight loss or gain goals 5-10 lbs. *minimum 3 month commitment required

One 2 hour Intensive Initial Consultation; Three 30 minute follow-ups; This package will dig deeper into habits, routine, non-routine, lifestyle, blood work (if available), medical diagnosis and much much more. Realistic goals to develop healthy habits will be created. Unlimited messaging and support in between sessions via Healthie App

One 30 minute follow-up to reconnect with goals, motivation, address specific questions/concerns regarding diet/nutrition/health or additional support needed in between sessions.  *For existing clients only

 Curious about what a dietitian can do for you? Not quite ready to make a commitment? Book a FREE 15 minute phone call to learn more..

Personalized weekly meal plans which includes grocery list, recipes, prep guide and daily 29 nutrient breakdown. The prep guide will help to stay organized and on track. Outlined daily tasks to help you prepare and be successful. At a cost of approximately $10/day.